Painted Frames

So I had a big empty area above my bed in my room and had thought about getting or making a head board. But I came across two Framed pieces of "art" at Tractor Supply and I really liked the wooden frames but the pictures in them were just sooo ugly. One had a picture of an outhouse and the other was a barn. I thought hanging these above my bet would be easier and a lot cheaper than a headboard so I went ahead and bought them. They were originally priced at $25 and on clearance for $6 each.

I then headed to Lowe's to pick out a paint color. I was looking for something to match my bed set, I ended up with a paint color called Coral Coast (got a sample size from Lowe's $3).

After painting I decided I was going to place some decorative paper in the frames instead of photographs.

This was a really simple project that all together cost me around $15.

And here is the final project..