Repurposing A Dresser

The average Pinterest user creates boards and pins hundreds of images of crafts and DIY projects that they image they will one day like to do. Well that would be me! I am always pinning all theses neat projects that I say "will look so cute in my house" but I usually never actually make any of them, they just sit there on my Pinterest board.

Well this past month I decided to actually take one of my pins off of my DYI/Craft board and follow through with the project. I had been seeing a lot of people repurposing old dressers and turing ing them into entertainment or tv stands. I absolutely loved this idea and decided that this was the project I wanted to do.

The hardest part of this whole project honestly was finding a cheap dresser that was the right size I was wanting. I ended up finding a dresser at a local Goodwill (after looking at all the other thrift stores in town, as well as on craigslist) and it was $30.

After getting the dresser I went to the hardware store to pick out my pain colors and all other tools that I would need to complete the project. I absolutely LOVED all the Pantone paints that you can find at Lowes, they are all super bright and vibrant. 

I decided to go with a charcoal gray for the dresser color; I wanted something neutral that could be combined with a lot of different color combinations when it comes to decorating the room around it. 

This project was really quite simple it just took some time letting paint dry in between coats. I sanded down the dresser using a hand sander and fine grit paper; my dad told me that this step was not necessary, but I have never done anything like this before so I am clueless so I decided to do it anyways. Better to be safe than sorry. I then painted the dresser using a roller on the large areas and a brush in the smaller areas of the dresser. I did two coats of paint, and finished by putting finishing wax over the whole thing. (Again I am not sure if that was necessary but oh well haha.)

I took the top 3 smaller drawers our of the dresser, and plan on using those for a future project. I measured the openings of the 3 slots that once housed drawers and went to Lowe's once again to purchase some wood pieces to place inside as shelfs. (and of course painted those as well)

I had a hard time finding new handles that would fit with the already drilled holes in the drawers so at the moment I opted to go with knobs, they are not my favorite so I do plan on special ordering the size handles that I need and will change those out in the near future. 

I think it came out pretty well for my first time doing anything like this, I definitely learned a few things that I would do differently if I were to do it again. But I had fun doing it and am very happy with the finished product. 

PS. I have a lot of gray paint left. And my sister wanted me to make sure to let everyone know that she helped. (she sanded two drawers. haha.)